We are excited to introduce new features

Redesigned profile page

We have redesigned the profile page to help you find more opportunities. Now your profile description is better exposed and there is more space to showcase your portfolio. Let the others get to know you!

You can now follow other users and get email notifications whenever new projects are published. You will be notified as soon as another user starts following you. Browse all your followers and followees using tabs on your profile page.


Profile page


New project page

Project information is better organized. Project description stays at the top but all project statistics have been moved to the sidebar.

Now if you like a project after login, the project is saved on your like list. Liked projects can be viewed on your profile page.


Project page


Changes to the main page

The main page was also tuned. We have added new trending projects and designers panel to promote the most popular ones from last week.


Main page


More new features coming soon…