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Posted by: hanisaad

Posted at: 2016-10-22 23:10

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Design a product = censer

Job description

To take idea about the censer you can search google to see the ordinary shape of censer. Main idea: create a ( new + modern + Sleek + simple ) design for censer. I will put the inspiration for what I am looking in the next pages. I need your creativity and your sense of beauty. Here I not looking for the industrial design, I'm looking for the beauty of the external product design. your output I will give to industrial engineer to fabricated The requested out put: The original files 1. High render images for the product from different angles 2. some photos shows the parts combine and other shows the parts uncombined 3. I need also the Palette of the colors you used SEE THE ATTACHED FILE FOR FULL EXPLANATION

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shankarsankar shankarsankar bangalore, India
2016-10-22 23:10

Dear sir ,I'm interesting to do your job And this is my email sankardream126245

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