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Posted by: Dminney

Posted at: 2017-01-23 22:01

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Language: English

Categories: Product Visualisation
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I'm looking to have some custom acoustic guitar top templates made. I'm guessing it should be pretty easy since these would be a flat picture that I could have cut out on a CNC machine. Feel free to send me some cool (more importantly, unique) designs of acoustic guitar tops, and I also have a few pictures of my own that I like but I can't figure out a way to upload them here. To be clear, I only need renderings of the tops, not the sides and or the neck. As a rough guideline, most acoustic guitars are in the 15" wide x 20" long range. I do need something that I can send to a CNC shop to have these cut out so having the dimension on the drawing would be useful - think of CAD software. Go crazy and send me your best designs. Thank you and I look forward to working with you.

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FernandoH FernandoH Joinville, Brazil
2017-01-23 23:01

Hi. I'm very interested in your job. I have experience with product design and i can make the model for a fair price. Take a look in my portfolio and maybe we could talk.

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ypstudio ypstudio Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2017-01-30 06:01

Hi, i'm interested on your work offer, i have some experiences with guitar since i'm a guitarist as well and this is a great chance for me to express my ideas to give you best design at tha fair price

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