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Status: Finished

Posted by: niran

Posted at: 2017-03-14 14:03

Starting date: 2017-03-14

Delivery deadline: 2017-03-16

Currency: USD

Language: English

Categories: Architecture
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Warehouse+Office in 3D

Job description

hi, we are proposing to build a small warehouse and office with some housing facilities on a 0.5acre plot. my regular 3d person is off this week. looking for a quick mockup with certain simple details to present to client asap. just 1 day or two for the job. i have made a 2d model and i can give you the specs.

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koirenders koirenders Barranquilla, Colombia
2017-03-14 20:03

Hello I can help you with your project within 5 days I leave my web page to see my work and make decisions greetings. I'm from, Colombia. A pleasure to serve you. email.

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mariselagomez mariselagomez Maracaibo, Venezuela
2017-03-14 20:03

Hello! I am an architect with experience in architectural visualizations, I wish I could help you with your project, write me on chat in case you want to know more,

svb3d svb3d New York, United States
2017-03-14 20:03

Hi, If you can send me the info, specs, drawings, pictures etc I can see if i can do it inside the time frame and the estimate. Thanks Stefan

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