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Posted by: katelalic

Posted at: 2017-04-19 23:04

Starting date: 2017-04-18

Delivery deadline: 2017-06-30

Currency: USD

Language: English

Bidding deadline: 24 days

Categories: Animation
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3D Animator/Artist/Modeler

Job description

YOUR MISSION * Creating high quality 3D architectural and character, product animations and modeling * Use 3D Max and Cinema 4D tools and After FX to animate transitions between different architectural structures, both procedural and keyframed. * Create different animations using rigid/soft body dynamics and aerodynamic forces. * Take art direction and closely follow art and design concepts. * Be meticulous and organized in the approach to tasks, adhering to pipeline workflow. * Take ownership for tasks assigned, be accountable for work, and follow through. REQUIREMENTS 3+ years of experience in animation or film industry * Proficiency with 3D Max *Excellent knowledge in Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop * Strong body mechanics (rigid/soft) and strong product animation * Ability to rig and animate 3D characters and environments *Knowledge of Cinema 4D and After FX * Passionate about animation production * An eye for composition and timing * Must exhibit and demonstrate strong traditional animation principles (timing, spacing, squash and stretch, etc…) * Good sense of scale and spatial awareness *Be able to manage memory limitations of real-time 3D engine *Self-motivated, good communication skills, and a team-player attitude * Ability to adapt to different workflows and methods * Ability to take a project from concept to final product * Detail oriented * Technical and problem solving abilities

Job bids: 3

GinkoVisuals GinkoVisuals Lviv, Ukraine
2017-04-20 12:04

Hello. We are strong experienced creative 3d architectural studio about for 7 years. We can be useful for you in creation different 3d products - animations, modeling,etc.any complexity.

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pintokhanna pintokhanna
2017-04-21 01:04

Hi , I like to introduce myself as a 3 D Generalist. My work experience in 3 D Animation is of 10 Yrs. I work on 3 D Studio Max , After Effects, Nuke, Realflow e.t.c

kiryatp_03 kiryatp_03 La Vega, Dominican Republic
2017-04-24 16:04

I have plenty experience working with several 3D softwares such as Google SketchUp, Cinema 4D, and Lumion, what makes me able to bring to you a work with the quality required in the time needed.

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