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Status: Finished

Posted by: antikytera8

Posted at: 2017-06-13 13:06

Starting date: 2017-06-13

Delivery deadline: 2017-06-20

Currency: USD

Language: English

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3D Model

Job description

We need to develop a 3D model of the Antikythera mechanism. I would appreciate to receive 2 different budgets: one for the mechanism closed and another for the mechanism opened. Here follows a visual reference:

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Valery Valery Kherson, Ukraine
2017-06-13 14:06

Hey. I can do this work. I have a lot of experience in 3D modeling and animation. I suggest discussing the details by mail. My e-mail:

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bangla3d bangla3d Dhaka, Bangladesh
2017-06-13 14:06

Hi,I would love to do this.My portfolio is here (Price is for both open+closed)

marcin_3dviz_pl marcin_3dviz_pl Gdynia, Poland
2017-06-13 14:06

Hi, I am interested your job offer, please look at my website I offer high quality renderings.Price for open mechnism is 600$ and closed 400$.I use 3ds max and v-ray. I am EU payer (VAT EU).

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Schuerman3d Schuerman3d
2017-06-13 14:06

Price is for full model with exterior and interior, or half for exterior only. Would take about a week to prepare. My portfolio is at and my email is

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Lefteris_N Lefteris_N Athens, Greece
2017-06-13 14:06

Hi, I 'm interested in your project of the Antikythera Mechanism as Greek. Let me know My Portfolio price is for both or 65% open 35% closed Regards

metinbasturk metinbasturk İstanbul, Turkey
2017-06-14 04:06

You can trust me for your work. Please contact us for quick and realistic results

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shubhkaran shubhkaran India
2017-06-14 11:06

I’ve read your brief. I have 6 years experience designing mechanisms & 3D models. I have queries regarding the project,kindly send me a message and we can discuss things further in detail.

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formyotwarte formyotwarte Poland
2017-06-14 11:06

Hi :) I would provide reliable, high quality model on required deadline. If you are interested I will provide link to full portfolio. Price for both (open/closed) versions. Kind regards,Tomasz

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JurajBezak JurajBezak Žilina, Slovakia
2017-06-14 15:06

I am interested in your project. See my portfolio. If the quality of my work is good enough for you please contact me. Price is for both 60/40 open/closed.

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ivan_maravilla ivan_maravilla ciudad de mexico, Mexico
2017-06-15 07:06

I have experience in developing parametric industrial models

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RoySuarez RoySuarez Quito, Ecuador
2017-06-20 00:06

Closed, 3d modeling = $100 Closed, per second of animation=$15 20 seconds = $300 Open,3d modeling = $300 Open, per second of animation=$30 20 seconds = $600

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barwnewnetrze barwnewnetrze Wojkowice, Poland
2017-06-20 11:06

Hello there. My name is Chris and I make designs in Fusion360- its little brother of Inventor. I can make You the mechanism file, 120€ for mechanism file, 40€ for external shield. 0048667175889