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Status: Finished

Posted by: DoubleShane

Posted at: 2017-08-05 05:08

Starting date: 2017-08-11

Delivery deadline: 2017-08-31

Currency: USD

Language: English

Categories: Character Design
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3D modeling of FF14 Charater

Job description

I'm trying to get a model of a custom FF14 character that can be printed at a 3D printer as it is. Once the bid is accepted, I can send the reference photos, and take more if needed. Thanks!

Job bids: 2

NDmedia NDmedia
2017-08-08 13:08


winterlang157 winterlang157 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
2017-08-12 03:08

I'm interested on this project of yours~ may we contact and discuss more details about this so i can have a clearer picture of this entire project~ =)

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