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Posted by: k8pnyc

Posted at: 2017-08-23 18:08

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Language: English

Categories: Character Design
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3D character model needs rigging

Job description

I have a 3D model created in Maya and I need it to be rigged for animation. I need to use this in videos and in game applications. The source files are .fbx and .ma.

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PierreDubreuil PierreDubreuil Nantes, France
2017-08-23 20:08

Hi, I am interesting in your project of rigging it is one of my competences especially with maya. I can provide facial rig as well.Check my rigged character (on my website adress). Regards Pierre

manish3d manish3d Hajipur, India Winning bid
2017-08-24 05:08

Hi i am interested to Rig your character.if it will be for game the it will rig by are my some work. Rigging Bird-

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eka-viz eka-viz Ukraine
2017-08-24 07:08

Hi,I'm interested in this project. Please check these links:

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